The challenge

How can you balance the cost of delivering your broadband when your visitors don’t want to pay for your resource?

  • More visitors
    with more devices

  • Internet is an expected
    utility, but it's not
    electricity or water

  • Packaged internet is
    an expectation of your
    regular visitors

  • An unmanaged
    network is
    unrealistic in 2013

  • Is free internet
    the next employee

  • Venues have become
    mini IPSs

The solution

It all begins with our gateway. Our advanced software goes well beyond other gateways (despite the claims of our competitors). With the Reivernet gateway in place, you can automatically deliver an internet experience based on user profile or status, across multiple devices, resulting in a highly personalised internet experience for every user.

  • 1

    It can automatically partition, share, dedicate or burst bandwidth.

  • 2

    It automatically tailors to any variable of speed, data, time and price to any number of devices.

  • 3

    It talks directly to your database and actually listens to it.

  • 4

    Fully automated and configured on-demand bursting, 24/7/365 - with zero seconds lead time.

  • 5

    Works across multiple devices.

  • 6

    Can help you save by intergrating with an ISP account that allows flexible billing.



Then we provide options so you can choose the best way to control your offering, including:

Bandwidth pools - you can divide your bandwidth into different speed groups
Database integration - you can package your internet for specific segments of your business
Tiered offering - you can provide basic internet access with upgrade options
By location - you can offer internet access by location to encourage spend in select areas
Multi ISPs - you can route traffic across different ISP links
Advertising - you can sell portal page or "forced view" video advertising

And our transparent business models include full network monitoring and reporting, unlimited software updates, no front loaded contracts, and full support available 24/7.

What else?

We have extensive and diverse network design and deployment experience; offer third party authentication and support multiple payment options; can integrate directly to invoicing software and interface to all major Property Management Systems; support manual code generation via location-based thermal printers, or remotely from Reivernet's webpages. Read more about the technical details, or for an overview of our story to date, click here.

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