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CABLE INFRASTRUCTURE can be anything from twisted pair telephone cabling, to wireless links, to fibre. Obviously, the hardware will be determined by the grade of cabling. Cat5e or greater cable is always preferable for long term performance.

NETWORK SWITCH HARDWARE Core switches should be enterprise grade and layer 3 or higher. Edge switches should be enterprise grade and layer 2 or higher.

WIRELESS NETWORK HARDWARE should be deployed with a wireless controller for better interference and channel management. Access points will ideally be high penetration, dual band providing high RSSI and bandwidth throughput and deployed according to the hardware manufacturer's recommendations.

PRE-APPROVED AUTHENTICATION GATEWAYS include interfaces for PCI Compliant credit card handling, Boingo, iPass, and over 20 hotel PMSs including Opera, OnQ and Galaxy.

GATEWAY SERVER specifications differ depending on the forecast volume of users at peak periods. We typically recommend rack mount servers with RAID storage and redundant power supplies. Server should support Out of Band management such as Lights Out.

ISP ROUTERS should be enterprise grade or as recommended by the supplying ISP.

OUR NETWORK SECURITY SUPPORTS VLANs, port level protection, anti-virus protection, spam filtering and mail rate limiting. 24 x 7 network alarms are active for unusual user activity.

OUR SERVER SECURITY is built on a hardened version of the Linux OS, monitored 24 x 7 for intrusion detection and protected by a firewall that is deployed to both internal and external networks. Billing and configuration webpages are SSL encrypted and password protected and we store no sensitive information (e.g. credit card details). Second-level remote server administration is restricted to trusted NOC servers and daily back-ups are downloaded from all sites for easy restores.

TO SUPPORT OUR SERVICE WE NEED layer 2 network visibility to identify individual users by their MAC address and VLANs and/or read-only SNMP access to all network switches to discover their location.

We can also use the SNMP access to monitor any SNMP-capable network equipment.We can provide 24 x 7 support telephone support from our call centre based in Auckland New Zealand with up to 3rd level technical support. We have 2nd level technicians in New Zealand, Australia and United Arab Emirates.

BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT module supports multiple ISP inputs and the ability to partition the available bandwidth to enable dedicated, capped and minimum bandwidth experiences within pre-defined bandwidth pools. By supporting multiple ISP inputs we can load balance the traffic for venue cost savings and/or for end user performance requirements.

QUALITY OF SERVICE module is our traffic control module that can be configured to manage application-level network throughput on a per-user basis in real time depending on the overall network utilisation.

NO DEVICE LIMITS ensure every user can connect and why we boast a 99.23% first time unassisted connection rate.

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We always stand behind our customers

Your dedicated Senior Account Manager will help you automate and tailor your offering, and provide the service and support an operation needs to let you sleep at night.

Business Intelligence Software

We provide sophisticated head-office reporting tools that provide summary information for all sites within your group or portfolio, making it easy for your Financial Controller or IT Manager to measure us and make fact-based decisions.

Real-Time Visibility & Reporting

Real-time reporting allows you to monitor key information like ISP utilisation, number of concurrent and active connections and billing summaries, at the drop of a hat. You can also easily make comparisons with previous months or years.

Around-the-clock, around the world

All our networks are monitored 24/7, keeping your network protected from the issues such as spam and external threats. All equipment and software, including all hotel interfaces are monitored remotely 24/7 by our specialised network engineers.

We also offer around-the-clock support via our multi-lingual Helpdesk, which is available 365 days of the year.


Our billing module allows your business to offer pre-paid or post paid. And, you'll be able to charge by dedicated speed, data packs, device or time, or a combination of all four.

Not sure what you need? Our account managers have years of real-world experience in helping venues configure pricing plans for special occasions or circumstances.

VPN Compatibility

Our system is compatible with all major VPN vendors including Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and Nortel. We've also passed the rigorous iPass certification process that includes extensive end-to-end VPN testing.

Reivernet gateway requires a single real-world IP address as a minimum configuration.

While the need for real-world IP addresses is not as critical as it was 10 years ago, there are still situations where a user may require a real-world IP address. With our gateway, real-world IP addresses can be allocated to these users.