How it works

Our gateway sits behind a router, replicating proven ISP management logic and automatically managing the delivery of a tailored internet experience to each and every user on the network, based on the profiles in your PMS.

Turn it up, turn it down

Reivernet never sets your business rules or require your business to follow our guidelines. Our software is so flexible and configurable that any way you wish to package or offer internet can be supported by our software with ease.

Bursting (the clever bit)

Hotels can vary bandwidth demands*, committing only to a minimum monthly allocation of bandwidth, and bursting in real time when needed. Most importantly, you only pay for the speed you burst - during the period of time you burst.

*where Reivernet has formal Tier 1 ISP relationships


With Reivernet reporting, the network utilisation, bandwidth pools and actual guest usage behaviour are constantly analysed, helping you save money and make decisions about internet delivery based on what is happening in real time. Historical trends help you to plan for the future, ans our Senior Account Managers can assist you every step of the way.

Here's an example: ten guests join your network simultaneously. With Reivernet, each person can be offered a different internet experience because our gateway is not based on 'user license'. It can easily support a large number of concurrent connections with no restrictions.

Each profile and/or physical location can be offered a different internet experience. You pre-set user profiles - who they are, speed, data, time, location, how many devices they can connect with - and if you choose to charge, you determine how much. You can also decide where payment is billed - via a credit card gateway, for example.

If you're hosting a large conference you'll need more bandwidth. With the Reivernet gateway, you can burst your bandwidth for the period it's needed, then pull it back when the conference is over.


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