Frequently Asked Questions

Does your system work on license base model ?

We don’t work on license base model. With our gateway the number of devices is irrelevant if our tools & features are effectively applied.

Does your Gateway have a Device Limit ?

We have no device limit on our gateway , as we don’t run on a license base model . At the same time our gateway has flexibility to configure the device limit as per user profile according to the brand standard .

Support and customer Service Center?

We can provide 24x7x365 support from our in-house call centre based in Auckland NZ . We have 2nd level technicians in NZ , Australia and UAE .

Does your system configure in converge or stand alone networks and what is your system hardware compatibility?

Our world leading gateway can be configured according to your converge or stand alone network and we are hardware agnostic.

What type of hardware do you use for firewall, load balancing and bandwidth management?

In our world class gateway we don’t use any separate hardware for firewall, load balancing or for bandwidth management all these features are in built in our Smart Gateway.

Can we load balance internet connections?

Reivernet can simultaneously interface with multiple internet connections and route traffic across different links.

Will my guests be logged out after periods of inactivity?

No – This feature is required where the gateway is operated with a limited number of licenses. Reivernet does not limit the number of devices that can be connected to the network at any time.

Will guests have to authenticate each time they re-connect?

Guests will be required to authenticate once per device per selected period. e.g if the guest has selected a 24 hour internet option then they will authenticate only once per device during this time.

How much does the solution cost?

Reivernet has various business models with each being tailored towards the requirements and size of your operation.

What Gateway does Reivernet use?

Reivernet’s Gateway is it’s own proprietary design. The software is linux based and is designed to mount on any commercial grade hardware from routers through to VM Ware.

Where is your help desk based?

Our help desk is based in Auckland, New Zealand however we have technical resources in all of our offices, worldwide.

Do you charge for software upgrades?

Our solution is constantly evolving and as it does we provide the new features to all of our customers without cost. As we do not operate an appliance based model we do not require hotels to purchase a new gateway from us when features are updated.

Do you share the revenue received from third party roaming partners such as Boingo and iPass?

Reivernet shares all revenue derived from third party roaming partners such as Boingo and iPass with the hotel. Billing reports are available for the hotel to review in real time via our hotel administration pages.

Is your credit card gateway PCI compliant?

Reivernet uses a hosted payment gateway which is PCI compliant.

Can I change the hotel splash page (Welcome page)?

Hotel staff have ability to make changes to the hotel splash page via a content management system accessible from the hotel administration pages.