Who is Reivernet?

Conceived in 2001 as a result of “the perfect storm”, the idea was to create advanced software that could automatically tailor the internet experience to the needs of each user, managing the bandwidth on demand and controlling costs.

Dotcom bubble bursts
in USA
Local data $0.10 per MB

Hollywood moves into NZ
& needs great internet

Existing solutions
were labour intensive

A smarter gateway
configured on speed,
data, time and price

Out of this revolutionary concept, a new company was born - Reivernet. Having battled to create a new solution to meet contemporary demands, we named ourselves after a legendary, fierce clan that existed in the middle ages, renowned for their success against the odds.

After more than a decade of success, we have built a world-class team of delivery and configurations experts who are always ready to meet the exacting requirements of high-speed internet for businesses, and give them total control over their bandwidth cost structure and service levels.

Our aim isn't to be the cheapest provider of broadband gateways because, frankly, that only leads to compromises for the business and end users alike. Reivernet's goal, having set a new industry standard of bandwidth management for business, is to continually review and refine the services we offer.

We believe we are the best in our field, but we will only stay in front by pushing even harder. That is Reivernet's mission.

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